The capabilities of Intelon Optics™ are unprecedented based on the untapped field of in vivo Brillouin spectroscopy. Intelon Optics, Inc. is a medical device company focusing on the development and commercialization of the Brillouin Optical Scanner System, or BOSS™, a technology that enables revolutionary, point-by-point biomechanics imaging of eye structures extending from the front of the eye, or the cornea, to the back of the eye, empowering eye care professionals to make treatment decisions with confidence based on biomechanical tissue properties.

Eye biomechanics are primary and critical factors that directly impact the functionality of the eye as a refractive system. They affect functional responses of the cornea and the crystalline lens to light and greatly impact vision.

Commercial focus at Intelon Optics begins with refractive surgery and extends to other surgical areas in eye care. The company’s products will bring novel and unique solutions to aid the prediction of surgical outcomes, controlled treatment results, and confident decision-making for clinicians and surgeons, based on biomechanical tissue properties relevant to correcting refractive errors.

To date, BOSS is the only technology allowing in vivo, localized quantification of Young’s modulus, a direct gauge of the stress-strain relationship of ocular tissues that influences the refractive performance of the eye from the cornea, where the light enters the eye, to the retina – the sensory system.

BOSS will eventually be offered to a broad range of customers from healthcare providers to OEM solutions, to corporations, and to research institutions around the world.

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Brillouin microscopy of collagen crosslinking: non-contact depth-dependent analysis of corneal elastic modulus. [dflip id=”1046″][/dflip]


In vivo Brillouin analysis of the aging human crystalline lens. [dflip id=”1044″][/dflip]


Intelon is proud to partner with Vold Vision for ground breaking clinical studies using the BOSS – the next generation of corneal and refractive pre