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Brillouin IVF System

Brillouin IVF System

Biomechanical imaging with the Brillouin IVF System can help to quantitatively measure biomechanics – both viscosity & elasticity/stiffness – of living tissues and cells without any contact. This non-contact, confocal, high-resolution scanning platform identifies the biomechanical properties of structural differences in tissues, allowing the user to build a spatially resolved profile of tissue stiffness in vivo, allowing for significant improvement in embryo & oocyte selection procedures.

How the Brillouin IVF System works

— We look to ameliorate the embryo selection procedure (using light based technology – in real time, without contact, with high resolution, without any disruption to embryology workflow, and with high accuracy) by measuring biomechanics (both viscosity and stiffness) thereby enhancing the viability and the success of pregnancy/live birth
— We look to enhance ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) by oocyte selection based upon viscosity of cytoplasm within the cell
— By determining stiffness of outer membrane (Zona Pellucida) local stiffness, we can make assisted hatching procedures more non-invasive

 Every embryo and oocyte has different biomechanical properties – statistical significance is observed amongst inter- and intra- cellular biomechanics measurements.